Brilliant lesson by Kurt Vonnegut on the shape of story. 

I still remember the that feeling watching the final scene of The Bicycle Thief when the son holds on to his fathers hand or the murder of the priest in Rome Open, City.

The Italian neo-realists took filmmaking to the street, discarding the artifice of Hollywood melodrama common at that time. However it was more than just filming on the streets, it was letting the shot observe the life of characters when the plot has already been served. Here is a great video to help understand neo-realism. It demonstrates the different approaches of Di Sica to American producer Selznick using the same material Di Sica had shot. 


I remember being shown this short documentary called ‘10 Minutes Older’ by Herz Frank (1978) on my first day of film school. It shows a group of children, in particular one boy, watching a puppet show. In one continuous shot we observe them watching a fair tale about the fight between good and evil. As you watch the children’s reactions you cannot help be affected not only emotionally but philiophically as they first encounter themes that reach deep into the human psyche.

Ryanair Commercial (Allocated Seating) directed by David Stoddart

Agency: DARE

Production company: Dark Energy

Ryanair Commercial (Website) directed by David Stoddart

Agency: DARE

Production company: Dark Energy

Ryanair Commercial (2nd Bag) directed by David Stoddart

Agency: DARE

Production company: Dark Energy

Ryanair unveils TV advert - will it convince you to fly with the airline? - Telegraph

Susie appears in June’s Vogue talking about her life racing and filming the documentary…

jcwenban asked: Hi David. Big fan of ‘Driven’ ,thought it was a great documentary. I am a student at Bournemouth University (next to AUCB) studying BA Television. I am a huge fan of Formula One, and for my final year film I wanted to fuse my passion for film/television and Motorsport. I wanted to do a documentary on driver who is making a comeback to the sport, and I wondered if you could offer me any advice. Such as how you managed to get drivers and teams for interviews, and permission to film on circuits.?

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the documentary.

Your project sounds great. Getting permissions to film inside the teams and circuits can be very difficult. It really depends on what level of motor sport you are interested in filming, for example F1 will be near impossible unless you have a huge budget but club level racing will be much easier. I would build on the relationship you have with your contributor- it sounds like s/he has been involved in motor sport for a while so will be able to put you in contact with the right people. If the team can see the driver trusts you, they in turn will trust you.

Most importantly give yourself plenty of time to get these permissions as it will always take far longer than you think.

All the best with it!

petehope asked: Hi David, just watched DRIVEN on iPlayer and felt compelled to contact you. What a phenomenal documentary! Beautifully shot, superbly edited and of course an amazingly candid insight into the life of a Motorsport driver. I really loved that the program was built around your family, that was truly unique. You're lucky to have a talented sister who makes such an interesting subject and Susie is equally lucky to have a talented brother to promote her in such a positive and caring light. Great work!

Thank you Pete for watching the doc and your message… really glad you enjoyed it